Patient Stories

Helping Patients Beat Cancer

Our goal at Arlington Cancer Center is to help cancer survivors live long and quality-filled lives. Patient victories over cancer and blood disorders are the best testament to any successful cancer treatment program. Our patients’ stories tell it best:

Tim Meesey Pays It Forward
It was his son’s fifth birthday; a time for celebration. Instead, all Tim Meesey could think about was the cancer diagnosis he had received. It was July 24, 2000, and Tim had just gotten the news that he had stage 4 non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The cancer was already in his… Read more

Ellen Weave Finds ‘Warm and Fuzzy’ Care at ACC
In 2008, Ellen Weaver noticed a lump on the underside of her right arm that prompted her to see her family physician. Since she had undergone a breast reduction and lift the year before, she told herself that what she was feeling was probably scar tissue. Unfortunately, her physician… Read more

Patient Testimonials

I was 29 when I came to Arlington Cancer Center because another place told me to put my affairs in order. I had a two-year-old daughter who I wanted to see graduate from high school. I just celebrated my 50th birthday and my daughter graduates next spring. I am doing fine.- S.H.
The oncologist at the major world-renowned cancer center told me they only had one type of treatment for my prostate cancer. His nurse told me they would make me comfortable when it stopped working in a couple of years. I sought out ACC because it is known for the newest and most aggressive cancer treatments. I am alive and well years after that other center said they would make me comfortable.- D.A.
I am grateful for my individualized treatment plan and the genuine care I receive through the doctors, nurses and staff at ACC.- S.L.

Patient Testimonial Videos

Looking Out for Steve
Colon cancer survivor Steve S. talks about the care he has received at Arlington Cancer Center.

Compassionate Care Makes a Difference
Cancer survivor Jill L. reflects on the inspiration and quality care provided by Dr. Karel Dicke.

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