Genomic Medicine Fund

Managed by the Texas Health Resources Foundation, this fund helps provide financial assistance for patients receiving individualized cancer treatment.

The Genomic Medicine Fund financially assists patients who are beginning individual cancer treatment attended by Dr. Karel Dicke. Your generosity pays for patient’s treatment in the interim while the patient’s health insurance company approves their individualized treatment plan.

Dr. Karel Dicke thinks outside of the box with personalized treatment protocols. He focuses on state-of-the-art tests to establish individualized treatment based on genetic profiling of each patient’s tumor to provide long-term survival with quality of life. He recognizes that certain treatments that work for one patient isn’t always going to work or be the same for another patient.

Genomic research is important because cancer is in essence a genetic disease; an accumulation of molecular changes or mutations in the genome of the cells. Genes consists of strands of DNA and recent progress in DNA sequencing has dramatically improved knowledge of cancer. Tumor genotyping is helping clinicians to individualize treatments by matching patients with the best treatment for their tumors.- Dr. Karel Dicke

How To Make a Donation

1.) Visit
2.) Select “Designate my gift to the following fund, project or hospital”
3.) Type in “ACC Genomic Medicine Fund”

By Check
Please make payable to:
Texas Health Resources Foundation
PO Box 200038, Arlington, TX 76006
In the memo area, please specify “ACC Genomic Medicine Fund”