Treatment Plans

Individualized Treatment Plans Are Our Cornerstone

Every cancer is unique just as the person it affects — shouldn’t the cancer treatment also be unique? Individualized treatment plans are our cornerstone and we attract patients worldwide who are prepared to beat cancer with clear diagnoses and advanced treatment options.

By analyzing tumor cells and selecting the drug that has the highest chance of efficacy, Arlington Cancer Center is able to achieve better outcomes for our patients. In patients for whom we use genetic makeup of the tumor as a guide for treatment, we see a high tumor response rate. Our philosophy is that if we use effective drugs, we don’t need to use high doses — we can then reduce toxicity and allow patients a greater quality of life.

High-Tech Meets High-Touch

At Arlington Cancer Center, we are committed to the fight against cancer while enhancing the health, dignity and wholeness of each person we treat. Our physicians work with you to educate you about your unique cancer, your treatment options and our recommendations. Together with you, we develop your treatment plan as a team. As part of the plan, we utilize the latest technologies to identify which therapy will work best for your specific diagnosis. This individualized approach to treatment plans is changing the odds in cancer care.

Ensuring Advances Are Within Reach

Radiation SystemIn November 2013, we reached a milestone of 10,000+ radiation patients at Arlington Cancer Center and inaugurated our new Radiation Treatment Delivery System. This streamlined, high-performance and reliable platform incorporates a broad range of imaging and treatment options to ensure that future treatment advances are always within reach.

How We Fight Cancer

Through radiation treatments such as External Beam Radiation Therapy (EBRT) and Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) for difficult-to-reach tumors, we can direct a beam of radiation from outside the body at cancerous tissues inside the body. These advanced, precise therapies deliver high-energy rays to tumors, using a special X-ray machine called Linear Accelerator. This machine allows radiation to be delivered from any angle and shapes radiation beams to the contour of the tumor, while sparing healthy tissue.

EBRT and IMRT. Our radiation oncologists use EBRT and IMRT to target a tumor with higher, more precise doses of radiation, while minimizing damage to your healthy tissue and nearby organs. As a result, such therapy can reduce the risk of side effects typically associated with radiation treatment. EBRT and IMRT treatments take a few minutes and are done as outpatient procedures.

IGRT. We also provide Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT), which uses two- and three-dimensional imaging technologies during radiation treatment. The images captured are then used by our team to compare with earlier images taken during the treatment planning process. This comparison of images allows us to more accurately account for changes in the patient’s body or tumor position that might otherwise result in the targeting of only part of the tumor, or missing it entirely.

Brachytherapy. High-Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy is mainly used in our center for breast and gynecological cancers. With this technology, we can deliver a high dose of radiation precisely to a cancerous tumor using radioactive material inserted into applicators within body cavities or tissues in close proximity to the tumor, while minimizing the exposure of healthy tissue to radiation.

A number of other treatment approaches are used by our team. We will discuss all treatment options fully with you and help you determine the one that’s right for you.